Confectionary factory “Neva”
Light sweets
Our recipe for joy
Confectionary factory “Neva”
Light sweets
Our recipe for joy
Confectionary factory “Neva”
Light sweets
Our recipe for joy
Neva Confectionery Factory
Bringing joy since 2005

It is a modern, dynamic production of confectionery goods.

We are constantly expanding our assortment and offering our customers only the high-quality natural sweets!

We work with traditional recipes and create innovative

We produce a large assortment, so everyone can find sweets for their taste

We pay special importance to the taste and variety of products

We use modern equipment

Qualified technologists are constantly working on product quality

We carefully select the best suppliers of materials

Confectionery factory “Neva” is the leader in the production of zephyr, pastille, jelly candies, cookies, dragee and other light sweets in the North-Western region.

Zephyr and pastille are a traditional russian sweets with soft and fluffy consistency. It made by whipping fruit puree with sugar, egg whites and pectin or agar. This delicate dessert can remind you of a marshmallow or soufflé.

Our jelly candies we called marmalade. It has springy texture and delicate sprinkling with powdered or classic sugar, or coconut.

We provide our sweets all over the world.

For today, we directly export to 13 countries (Germany, USA, Israel, Italy, Belarus, Moldova, Abkhazia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and South Korea) and through Germany to 13 more countries.

Our brands
Our trademarks – zephyr “Lianezh” and “DONI ZEFIRONI”, a line of fruit sweets “FRUTOTEKA”, pastille “Neva”, etc., are well known and loved by consumers in Russia and other countries

At the confectionery factory “Neva”, we use only modern technologies and equipment to create traditional Russian sweets.
We pay special attention to quality of our products. That’s why, factory is certified for compliance with international standards ISO 22000. Also, our production has kosher certificate by organization “Orthodox Union”.

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194156, 27 Engels Avenue, letter "AM", room 1-N, office 1, St. Petersburg, Russia
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Neva Confectionery Factory
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