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Dear Sirs! We are glad to welcome you on our web-site of the Russian Confectionary “Neva”!

Dear Sirs!

 We are glad to welcome you on our web-site of the Russian Confectionary “Neva”!

Our company was established in 2001 and now has a wide range of customers both in Russian Federation and worldwide.

 Confectionary “Neva”is an enterprise which has got two factories located in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. We produce sweets and desserts, such as fruit jelly, marshmallow of different kinds with and without toppings, peanuts in chocolate, jelly sweets in sugar powder, paste, etc.

 We are dealing with all main retailers in Russia and Western Europe, such as X5RetailGroup, Prisma, Kesko, Metro cash and Carry, Magnit, Spar, Globus, etc.

We are exporting our products to Israel, USA, Canada, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Cyprus.

 “Neva” is mainly dealing with Russian-speaking communities abroad. Now we are strongly focused on international domestic customers abroad.

Marshmallow and paste are extremely healthy sweets. They have low caloric content and practically fat-free. They are wonderfully combined with tea or coffee and bring real delight.

 You can send us a request on the catalogue and samples of our delicious desserts.

Our factories produce traditional Russian sweets based on apple puree, egg-white, sugar and healthy natural components - pectin and agar. All our products consist of natural components and have no fat. This kind of sweets is extremely healthy for children and grown-ups.

 We look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation and will be happy to have you as clients and business partners. We wish you prosperity, success and sweet life!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or additional information.


The company team "Neva".





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